my tiny moleskine (August update)

08/23/2015 § Leave a comment

I am, as always, late to the party. I’m pretty overdue in reporting the progress on my book. I also have some “news” to report.

First, I’ve changed my domain name and updated my identity to I’ve talked about it before, but I was dying for a name change, something that maybe better fits where I am now and is more sophisticated than a name you can yell at a drunk person to remember later. I’m also kinda lazy about some things, so of course I waited until the last-minute to do anything about it. Yup, I waited until the day after my old domain expired. But… it’s done. Sometimes you just need to liberate yourself and to start over.


I was in a quandry over it all until I spied a statue of Kuan Yin in a friend’s garden. Strangely enough, it sparked an epiphany. Now my brains are sorted.

Second, due of a number of requests (read: light harassment) from friends, I’ve started a public page on Facebook for my sketchbook posts. Does that mean they’re tired of my posts to their feeds but yet don’t want to unfollow me for the few text updates I make, or do they think my drawings are fantastic enough to be shared on a dedicated page? I’m not sure and I wonder. Either way, it’s also done. So if you’re not on Instagram and would care to follow my sketchbook endeavors there, please do!

Lastly, I’ve started putting up a print or two on Etsy. My shop is here. It’s meager pickin’s now but I’m hoping to add a piece or two a week, until I get through this archival box that’s sitting on my desk. A cat is trying to claim it as furniture, and that just won’t do.

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My Tiny Moleskine (April update)

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I’m three months into my daily visual diary, with nine more to go!


I’ve already broken the spine stitching. A rebind will very likely happen sometime in the future.

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My Tiny Moleskine (mid-February update)

02/21/2015 § 9 Comments

March is approaching pretty quickly, and I’m still keeping up with my tiny, daily Moleskine diary. Here is a selection of spreads since my first update:


An antique Indonesian marionette from a shop window. A cast of my own teeth found during a bathroom deep cleaning.

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My Tiny Moleskine on Instagram

01/22/2015 § 1 Comment

At the end of last year, I acquired a small daily Moleskine dairy. The scale is pretty small for a sketchbook sorta thing, 2 and a half inches by 4 inches, just big enough to put in your pocket and leave the house without a lot of fuss. My intention is to approach it as a visual diary, trying to record a page a day, based on something interesting that occurred or was said.  I’ve started a dedicated Instagram just for this book, called MyTinyMoleskine. Feel free to pop over and see what’s going on. From day-to-day, I don’t know what I’m going to do.

Just to give you an idea of what’s happening over there, here are a few pages that have been posted so far:

2 days of deep house cleaning

2 days of deep house cleaning

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the dainty and delightful KitKat

04/28/2013 § 1 Comment

The prints, first state:
cat print

The inspiration:

Tuesday night life drawing – two weeks of fight

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Round one, two weeks ago:


I’ve decided to try to break my charcoal habit and use wet media for a while. I brought a wet media paper pad, a fountain pen, water barrel brushes, and an ink brush pen. I haven’t used sumi or India/China ink with a brush in *forever*, so I knew this would be challenging for me. It’s like I’m starting all over again.

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here, kitty kitty kitty

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kitkat red background

sketchbook page

This is one of my cats. Her name is Kit Kat. She’s a seven-year-old short hair tuxedo cat.

Kit Kat is very chatty. She smells like an old man’s wallet.